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About Victoria

Born in Scotland and raised in England, Victoria taught herself to write when she was three by copying out all the letters on the cereal box when she should have been eating her breakfast.


She studied Modern Languages and Literature at Bristol University which allowed her to spend six months on a tropical island dodging lava from an erupting volcano and six months eating gelato in Florence. 


After a round-the-world trip which included: a very close encounter with a great white shark, climbing some of the highest peaks on the planet and generally being awestruck at the beauty of the Earth and its citizens, Victoria finally got a 'real' job with Google in Dublin, helping some of the biggest companies in the world with their online strategies. 


Victoria moved to Australia with Google in 2008 and was promoted to a job with a very fancy title which meant she travelled all over Asia Pacific and worked with wonderful and interesting people.

Victoria Mackinlay as a girl in school u

She now works as a professional storyteller and writes from her home in Sydney where she lives with her husband, daughter, three cats and a lot of plants that look like aliens.

Victoria loves:

  • Coffee.  A cappuccino with half a sugar please

  • When children laugh so much they lose control of their bodily functions

  • Animals.  All of them.  Actually, not some of the creepy, crawly ones

  • Squeaky-sand beaches

  • Sunsets

  • Lavender.  Sleep-inducing lavender

  • Sleeping (see 'coffee' above and repeat)

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